The most commonly asked questions regarding the houses and amenities.

What is provided in each house?
in all houses.
Everything but food. Basic pots and pans, some spices, cooking oil, paper towels, dish soap, coffeemaker or French press, plates, bowls, and silverware.
Bedroom: All linens and blankets
Phone: There is no cell reception. There is one central line used for all of the houses, so you will be asked to limit your phone conversations to only what is necessary. The phone number is(707) 376-8621
towels, toilet paper, shampoo and soap.

Do the houses have fireplaces or heaters?
There are wood stoves in all the houses, and firewood is supplied. The Knoll House and Sequoia House have heaters.

What else should I not expect in the house?
There will not be a microwave, blender, hair dryer, alarm clock, or other electrical appliances due to our off-grid electrical system.

Do you provide cleaning services during our stay?
No, cleaning service during your stay is not included in the normal rate.

Is smoking permitted?
All of the houses are non-smoking. Smoking is allowed on our outdoor decks with ashtray.